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Whether or not you feel pain immediately, you should consider visiting a chiropractor soon after being in a collision. 
Some symptoms don't appear right away!
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Don't Miss Letting Car Insurance Pay!!
Most Car Insurances will pay the ENTIRE cost of the care for your auto collision injuries.
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Dr. Tom Arnold

Doctor of Chiropractic
Advanced Practice Certified
Diplomate of the American Academy of Medical             Legal Professionals

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Chiropractic Assistant
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What Patients Are Saying:
"Dr. Arnold is the kindest, most caring Chiropractor I've ever been around. He is extremely thorough in his analysis if you've been in an accident, and wants to make sure he gives you the EXACT care you need. Such a wonderful doctor and man!" 
-Britta B., Facebook Review
"Dr Arnold is a great chiropractor! Very personable, respectable and professional. He listens to your needs and concerns. Highly recommend Dr Tom Arnold." 
-Gil V., Google Reviews
"After 3 different chiropractors over the last 5 years, thousands of dollars and out of pocket expenses and no relief for a neck issue I've had, I decided to go off of a friends recommendation to go see Doctor Arnold. I had just been diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck and the solution was steroidal injections and possibly surgery. At my wits end, I finally gave Doctor Arnold a try. I've only seen him for about 3 months now and I CANNOT BELIEVE the difference! He went right to the source of the problems which were severely inflamed and atrophied muscles. After showing me how to stretch and strengthen those sets of muscles, I feel like I'm living again! I'm so grateful I listened to my friend because I have cancelled my neck surgery consultation that was suppose to take place in October! Thank God for Doctor Arnold!!" 
-Lissette C., Facebook Review
"Dr. Arnold is the best. Always gets me fixed up. If you are looking for a great Chiropractor he is your guy." 
-Isaac V., Facebook Review
"Dr Arnold is a great chiropractor, very professional and personable. Highly recommend!" 
-Evelyn V., Facebook Review
"Great team here very professional and friendly!" 
-James T., Google Reviews
"Awesome! Can't even say anymore! Awesomeness!🔥👍👈" 
-LoriAnn S., Facebook Review
"5 Stars!" 
-Josh M., Facebook Review
"Dr Arnold & his team are the best people & professionals to see for accident injuries!! David Trujillo is very helpful when dealing with paperwork & beginning therapy. I honestly believe my neck & back feel better than even before my accident!!!
VERY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Arnold! " 
-Brenda K., Facebook Review
"I've never been to see Dr. Arnold that I don't leave feeling like a different person. So amazing!" 
-Fran L., Facebook Review
"Dr. Arnold and his team Albuquerque Accident & Injury are fantastic. I originally began treatment in November 2015 as a result of a car accident. From the onset, I was treated with a dutiful professionalism that I find very rare in people. To me, it's obvious that Dr. A truly cares about his patients and enjoys what he does; he is kind, thorough, and above all careful. Additionally, he keeps very good company; David, his all-around good-guy assistant, is always friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Juliann, another staff member, has always been polite, punctual, and informative when I've had questions about the financial aspects of their service.
The trio at Albuquerque Accident & Injury are so good, in fact, that I've continued seeing them for my routine chiropractic maintenance, although I am now injury free post-accident. Whether you're in need of auto injury care or simply a regular adjustment from a knowledgeable professional, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Arnold and his team!" 
-Justin L., Facebook Review
"I was in an accident. At first I thought I was fine, but after a couple of days I was in a lot of pain. My parents told me about Dr. Arnold; I had to do something! I worked with Dr. Arnold and his staff and at first I was kind of confused but I remember Dr. Arnold saying to me "go with the flow" and I noticed that I was starting to feel better. At the time of the accident my life was great and Dr. Arnold and his staff gave that back to me. I'm very proud to say I stuck with it and did something for my future well being. Thank Dr. A and staff from the bottom of my heart." 
-Cindi B., Personal Review
"Awesome Chiropractor! Very friendly, Caring and helps out very well with your health and the concerns you have with your pain." 
-LoriAnn S., Google Reviews
"Dr. Arnold & his staff are awesome!!! Feel even better than I did before my accident! 
-Brenda K., Google Reviews
"When I started treatment with Doctor Arnold, I didn't feel too good. I was stiff and any quick movements would hurt down my spine. The treatment I got helped me get through all of that and the staff are very respectful. I feel as good today as I have before the accident. I would recommend Dr. Arnold to any friend or relative." 
-Robert L., Personal Review
"Dr. Arnold is awesome! I recommend anybody with chiropractic issues to give him a call!" 
-Jake M., Facebook Review
"Dr. Arnold is the best" 
-David T., Google Reviews
"I was recommended, and visited Dr. Arnold in an attempt to address on-going back pain caused by a bulging disk. I was very impressed with his care and concern to address my pain. He spent a VERY generous amount of time with me during my visit and evaluated the history of my injury in addition to the time spent during the adjustment/treatment. I had never been to a chiropractor before my visit with Dr. Arnold and I left feeling better than when I came in. I highly recommend Dr. Arnold." 
-David K., Facebook Review
"Dr. Arnold is knowledgeable and helped me with my back issues. I would recommend anyone with chiropractic issues to call him." 
-Lawrence M., Google Reviews
"5 Stars!" 
-Martin V., Facebook Review
"Dr Tom is an amazing chiropractor and truly cares about people. His assessment was the most thorough I have ever undergone. He was very sensitive to my fear of what I call the "snap crackle" of the neck adjustments. His treatment plan was tailored for my needs, and I felt amazing after. His staff are wonderful and friendly. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tom!!" 
-Loretta A., Facebook Review
"Great guy really cares about helping people, I highly recommend him and his staff. The difference today from the day of my accident is truly amazing! Thanks Dr. Tom" 
-Eddie T., Facebook Review
"5 Stars!" 
-Jacob S., Google Reviews
"Before going to see Dr. Arnold I was a bit skeptical of Chiropractors, but I was in so much pain. After seeing him for my visits I was able to get off my pain meds. He is a professional Doctor in all aspects of his treatments." 
-Liz S., Facebook Review
"I’ve seen 6 different chiropractors in my life and Dr. Arnold took the most in-depth, analytical approach to figuring out how to help my situation. He identified problem areas and worked with me to provide relief from my sciatica. Dr. Arnold is a patient, friendly professional you can trust." 
-Mike O., Google Review
Tom Arnold, D.C., APC, DAAMLP
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